“Who’s that girl?!”

Hello there,

This is Kristen’s fiancé and super sweet honey honey, Paul.

I decided to finally make this website I have been promising Kristen for quite some time.

Now I’ve decided to not tell her about this site until:

  1. She happens to stumble upon this while Googling herself (meh…we all do it)
  2. Her BD or some other special just because occasion
  3. I’m 100% happy with how it all looks and functions…including theme tweaks

So if you know her, don’t tell her…just tease her that you know something that she doesn’t know!

Although I’m not just trying to bank up some gold stars with her…I’m also VERY proud and want to show her off to the world.  While these poorly edited videos do not even do justice they’ll give you a sampling of one of the most startling talented female vocalist (true even if I’m biased) that you’ll EVER hear.

 ( Getting her back into the recording studio is another project ….shhhhh! )

She is SO TALENTED, and yet SO HUMBLE isn’t annoying as her partner.  I’ve seen 100′s of people come up and compliment her at singing competitions, karaoke bars, and cabaret get togethers with her musical theatre friends…many have offered to “sign her”, but nothing that’s captured her away from her down to earth ways.

Well phooey to that!

I WILL show her off to the world!

Even if that means someone will discover and sweep her off into Hollywood land and finally meet Leo DiCaprio or meet Leo DiCaprio’s stunt double and beez like, “Like Paul who?”

EVEN THAT…I want to show this raw undiscovered talent to the world!


You can contact her (eventually) at



On top of singing she’s becoming fluent at American Sign Language


Jumps out of perfectly good airplanes!!!:


AND now she’s getting into Roller Derby!!!




I love you more

with each and every day.

-babycakes Xxoh!




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